The Fabricant Way Episode #34: Bless This Mess
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The Fabricant Way Episode #34: Bless This Mess

Episode #34: Bless This Mess

A Photographer that loves to makes products.

Today I’ll be talking to Trish Rudolphsen, the co-founder of Bless This Mess.  Bless This Mess started out as a hobby a few years ago when Trish and Nick found out Shapeways allowed them to print porcelain without the upfront manufacturing cost. Most of their pieces started out as gifts for friends and family.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The ins and outs of running an ecommerce business.
  • How every piece has a special and personal story because it was created for a friend.
  • How manufacturing locally thanks to Shapeways has allows Trish & Nick to create a business.
  • Checking in when listening for feedback and customer’s input.
  • How to keep your business vision in check and be a focused business owner.
It started as a hobby. We initially set out to make jewelry and have a little side thing going, thanks to Shapeways here in New York City we started making the designs and printing them out. Then I found out that I could print in ceramic, so I started making things for my apartment and for friends… and it slowly became a business.