The Fabricant Way Episode #33: Bekka Palmer
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Episode #33: Bekka Palmer

A Photographer that loves to makes products.

Today I’ll be talking to Bekka Palmer.  Bekka is a a photographer, designer and maker living in Brooklyn. Her work includes commercial and lifestyle photography in New York City and around the world.  In addition to photography Bekka paints, makes necklaces and baskets and continually test out new mediums and tackle side projects.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The transition from full time to freelancing.
  • How to feel comfortable talking about money.
  • Calculating the right price of your work.
  • Seeking other interests and creating a line of products.
  • How jealousy is not a bad thing, when it’s driving your creativity.
I’m a professional photographer and started taking photos in High School. I took every photography class that my High School offered, which was a lot. I kept doing it in College, but I went to College for Graphic Design. Afterwards, got a new camera and kept doing it.