Episode #32: American Heirloom
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The Fabricant Way Episode #32: American Heirloom

Episode #32: American Heirloom

Amy Stringer-Mowat is the co-founder of American Heirloom.

Today I’ll be talking to Amy Stringer-Mowat  co-founder of American Heirloom . American Heirloom  is an All American Co. Making state shaped cutting boards, cake stands, cocktail tools and friends since 2011.  Amy and her husband Bill made their first cutting boards for their wedding which became a business.  We’ll talk about growing an online business, filling out three times the orders expected for their first holiday season and the importance of listening to your customers and stay relevant in this highly competitive market.

On this episode we discuss:

  • How the decor they made for their own wedding was the starting point for the business.
  • Filling out their first holiday season after being published in a holiday guide.
  • Understanding the different types of customers on their Etsy shop and their website.
  • Setting up business systems in place to help their growth.
  • How to put the extra effort to keep growing even for a company with such quick and successful start.
We just gotten married and we started making a lot of decor ourselves, because our background is in design. We ended launching an Etsy site soon after our wedding, putting up some of the products we made for our wedding and our most successful product and the one our guests love the most were our state shaped cutting boards. We made a Michigan board and a Connecticut board signifying both our home states to serve cheese on them. Once on Etsy, they became quite viral!