Episode #31: Liontail Press
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The Fabricant Way Episode #31: Liontail Press

Episode #31: Liontail Press

A one-woman design and print operation in Ithaca, NY.

Today I’ll be talking to Laurin Ramsey the founder of Liontail Press.  A  one-woman design and print operation in Ithaca, NY.   Laurin believes, that she was born with ink running through her veins.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The transition of Laurin from a full time Graphic Design job to her own printmaking shop.
  • Starting her business in a competitive city as Brooklyn and setting up in a community that’s supportive of small business.
  • How Lauring adapted to a new clientele after moving upstate.
  • The importance of being surrounded by other business owners.
  • Connecting in an authentic way with people instead of selling to them.
I got started in 2013, I had recently moved to Brooklyn from Georgia. I had a graphic design job that I loved, and I was missing making things. I decided to start making my designs and work with customers, creating things that people could use. Things that would remind them of special events in their lives.