Episode #30: Jing Wei
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Episode #30: Jing Wei

An Editorial Illustrator balancing her freelance career with a part time job.

Today I’ll be talking to Jing Wei.  Jing is a Chinese-born, California-raised, Brooklyn-based illustrator. Jing has a background in printmaking, which influences a lot of her commercial work. Most days, she can be found in the Pencil Factory building, eating sandwiches and drawing chubby people. Jing is also the illustration director for Etsy, and a visiting instructor at Pratt Institute.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The balance between having a part time job while building a full time freelance career in illustration.
  • The importance of having a space that inspires and feeds your creativity.
  • How to work hard and not take bad feedback personally.
  • Discovery a part of your work that you really love that will surprise you.
After school I moved to New York, and it took around 2 years to start getting some steady work. And after building a strong client base, I became a full time freelancer.