The Fabricant Way Episode #29: Nic Miller
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Episode #29: Nic Annette Miller

Nic Annette Miller is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

Today I’ll be talking to Nic Annette Miller, a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Her projects consist of both analog and digital production from her dual studies in printmaking and graphic design at Utah State University. A particular interest in woodblock printmaking, installation, concept research, art direction of photography and video can be seen in both her artwork and client work.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Nic’s transition from a full time job to working on her own projects.
  • Being burnt out from having too many projects at the same time, and finding herself not being creative and motivated.
  • While working on her art, Nic discovered that she was going through depression and decided to channel it all out through her artwork.
I make sculpture with cut prints and mount it on plywood. It’s a process that I’ve been doing since my senior year in college (it’s been around 8 years).