The Fabricant Way Episode #28: Lori Richmond
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Episode #28: Lori Richmond

An author and illustrator using real life experiences to inspire her stories.

Today I’ll be talking to Lori Richmond a Brooklyn-based children’s author-illustrator, creative director, and designer. Lori Richmond is a Brooklyn-based children’s author-illustrator, creative director, and designer.  Her first job out of college was at a publishing company as a graphic designer, and well, 20+ years later, is the industry where she’s freelancing!

On this episode we discuss:

  • How to prepare your finances and give you enough time before taking the jump from a corporate job to freelance.
  • Checking always with ourselves on the opportunities that come our way, and pursue them if they feel right.
  • How we’re all still figuring all out!
  • How the cool people are also humans and we appreciate them more when we see them as people that makes mistakes and are also figuring stuff out.
  • Being real about what it takes to build this career.
I started out when I graduated college in Graphic Design. My first job was in publishing, funny enough is where I ended up now 20+ years later!