The Fabricant Way Episode #26: Jocely Gayle from Petit Felts
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Jocelyn Gayle from Petit Felts

Episode #26: Jocelyn Gayle from Petit Felts

Needle felted pieces for your inner child.

Today I’ll be talking to Jocelyn Gayle founder of Petit Felts. As a kid, Jocelyn used to spend every free moment she had making little animal sculptures out of clay. She studied Metals and Jewelry at SCAD, and after some years working as a recruiter and encouraging kids to pursue creative careers, she decided to do so.  Jocelyn took her own advice and the rest, well, she will share it with us today!  

On this episode we discuss:

  • How her fascination for felting started.
  • Needing a change led her to a place that supported her creative outlet.
  • Taking her own advice and looking to nurture her maker self.
  • The reaction to her little felted animals at a craft fair.
  • How they transformed her craft into a business.
I was in a coffee shop. I saw a woman that was felting, it looked really fascinating the fact that she was felting with this one needle! I asked her about it, she gave me a quick intro, gave me one of her needles, a little bit of wool and I became obsessed about it!