The Fabricant Way Episode #25: Rachel Dana from Dana Confection Co.
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Rachel Dana from Dana Confections Co.

Episode #25: Rachel Dana from Dana Confection Co.

From having fun and experimenting with candy to a business.

Today I’ll be talking to Rachel Dana from Dana Confections Co.  Dana Confections Co. handcrafts unique sweets from around the world using locally-sourced ingredients.  Their confections include seasonal fruit, carefully selected from local farms.

On this episode we discuss:

  • How her love for Calissons was the inspiration for her business.
  • Learning and creating this rare and beautiful french candy for herself.
  • Using locally-sourced ingredients for such a rare creation.
  • How to get people to know and love Calissons.
  • How Rachel’s Calissons are different from the original french ones due to her experimentation.
It all started with me discovering Calissons and having to make them because I wasn’t able to get them where I was.