The Fabricant Way Episode #23: Cri Gabriele from Heart and Noble
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Episode #23: Cri Gabriele from Heart and Noble

Reformatting jewelry in a way that supports the wearer.

Today I’ll be talking to Cri Gabriele from Heart & Noble.  Since she was 12 years old Cri wanted to pursue her education in Liberal Arts as she always felt passionate about the creative side of the industry.  Her hunger for design is fueled by the unique ability she has to re-conceive our current relationship to jewelry.

On this episode we discuss:

  • How Cri discovered her new love for stones and jewelry on a family trip.
  • Creating functional art pieces through jewelry.
  • The story behind the first pieces and how it shaped her future work.
  • How she introduces new lines and pieces to her audience.
  • The power of slowing down and awareness.
It started when I was about 12 and I with my family in Arizona and we stumbled upon some markets, and found some beautiful gems and I was immediately drawn into them. I had a cousin at the time that was making jewelry, it was very meditative for her, and she welcomed me into buying some stones and make things together.