The Fabricant Way Episode #21: Natasha Ryan from Pink Midnight
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Natasha Ryan from Pink Midnight

Episode #21: Natasha Ryan from Pink Midnight

From working at a hedge fund to designing jewelry.

Today I’ll be talking to Natasha Ryan from Pink Midnight Jewelry.  Natasha creates ethereal pieces with modern edge. She is inspired by sculpture, sci-fi, desert tones washed over with a brilliant sunset, and her training as a film photographer.

On this episode we discuss:

  • How Natasha started her work at Pink Midnight while working at a Hedge Fund.
  • Getting fired after her biggest order was placed, was a blessing in the sky.
  • The beauty of imperfection.
  • How New York made her a harder soul. (Not really!)
  • How she sells her jewelry.
I was working at a hedge fund when I started Pink Midnight. I knew I needed a creative outlet and took as many maker classes as I could like welding and electronics and finally I took a wax carving class, and it just completely resonated with me. I worked on Pink Midnight for a year while working at the hedge fund from my one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.