The Fabricant Way Episode #19: Silke Jacobs
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Silke Jacobs

Episode #19: Silke Jacobs

Contemporary bags & accessories handcrafted in the Hudson Valley.

Today I’ll be talking to Silke Jacobs.  Silke is a Belgian designer & maker of bags and accessories based in Hudson, NY.  She grew up to the sound of her mom’s sewing machine buzzing in the background and she enjoys transforming fabrics and textiles into unique, functional accessories.


On this episode we discuss:

  • How the desire to learn sewing was the stepping stone to a future business.
  • Investing in great tools to add value to the quality of your products.
  • Creating products based on her needs.
  • Creating an item and use it for a couple of months to check on the usability.
  • Have an immediate circle of trusted friends and peers to seek feedback and business advice.
I was just about 20 and wanted to teach myself to become a better sewer, and people around me started asking me for specific things and suggested that I should sell them online. That's when I was introduced to Etsy. I opened my Etsy shop on 2011 and it grew from there!