The Fabricant Way Episode #18: Lauren & Jake Brown from Red & Brown
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Lauren and Jake Brown from Red & Brown

Episode #18: Lauren & Jake Brown from Red & Brown

A side creative project turned business.

Today I’ll be talking to Lauren “Red”Brown and Jake Brown from Red & Brown. Red & Brown is a husband and wife team dedicated to make the most delicious, high quality cocktails and cocktail products you’ll ever taste.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Life/Work balance between spouses and business partners.
  • How to set the right responsibilities in the business where each partner can perform at best by focusing on their strengths.
  • Rely on your community.
  • Be lenient and open to change because things will happen and you’ll need to make some adjustments down the road.
  • Be realistic of what you can do.
We were thinking to do something creative on the side together. It all started as a lifestyle blog and after a couple of months realize how hard it was to generate content without the budget of a magazine. At that time I was experimenting with cherries and we started making products with them!