The Fabricant Way: Patti Paige from Baked Ideas
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Episode #16: Patti Paige from Baked Ideas

You Can’t Judge a Cookie by Its Cutter.

Today I’ll be talking to Patti Paige.  Patti is an artist, baker, and owner of Baked Ideas, a custom bakery in New York City. She and her small staff decorate cakes and cookies that reflect her affinity for clean simple design, vibrant color and artistic flair.

On this episode we discuss

  • The idea of cookie cutter as a derogatory term, but how Patty will make you see it in another way.
  • Using Instagram as a way of getting her cookies out there for new people to fall in love with it.
  • How to use your photos in a social media networks as Instagram gives you an opportunity to tell a story to connect with your audience.
  • Building long lasting relationships with your clients for years!
It started when I was new to New York City. I was a painter and I was looking for a way of make a living while my art was picking up, I tried many things and was getting tired. I had a recipe from my grandmother, she moved away and left me with the pans, special mini cupcake pans and I made these cookies and they were beyond popular. They started selling really fast!