The Fabricant Way Episode #15: I Still Love You NYC
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The Fabricant Way: Carrie Morrissey from I Still Love You NYC

Episode #15: Carrie Morrissey from I Still Love You NYC

Differentiation with acrylic.

Today I’ll be talking to Carrie Morrissey from I Still Love You NYC (ISLYNYC).  Carrie is a jewelry designer that uses materials like acrylic instead of ornate gemstones and finds her inspiration in the culture of mass production.

On this episode we discuss

  • The importance of differentiation and how to set yourself apart from a busy market.
  • How the traditional is not what will define your success.
  • How being on “the other side” of the table in one of her big corporate partnerships reassured her that she was in the right place.
  • How motherhood changes the perspective of success and has given Carrie more focus for their company.
  • The importance of ever stop learning, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial career.
Before starting the company, I used to draw fashion figures and write “I still love you” next to it. When I left the corporate world and started this company, it was a phrase that resounded with me.

The NYC part came later, and it has resonated with so many people. This is the land of hustle and it's such a bittersweet place.